Patchwork Cardigan

Wool & Cotton Jacket in a minimalistic one-side crop line with leather details on the pocket and the collar.


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The tightly-edited outfits comprising Metamorphosis include two waterproof technical coats, the Steam Coat (which has a “disappearing” hood) and the Chrysalid Coat (which transforms into an easy-to-wear cape); the double-sided, Duchess satin Dress Coat(which elicits the question, “Is it a dress or a coat?”); the technical,Cocoon outfit (featuring integrated accessories); and the wool, Shawl Outfit (which fuses a shawl with the jumper).

“I believe that it is very important to make wearable objects that improve the quality of life through little details, storytelling and new interactions.”

The collection’s shades-of-white color choice is an equally practical one which Félicie explains: “I need to focus on the principle, the system and not on the colors [or] anything that could pull one’s attention [away].” Living in Iceland when she was younger and dealing with extreme temperature differences between inside and outside left an impression on Félicie which explains why her collection centers around acclimatization whilst her studies in industrial and product design made her “look at garments as functional objects and not just for their aesthetic values.”

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